Transition to the 2024-2025 School Year

Resources for District Leaders

Video Tutorials: Step by Step Modules

Introduction to Texas College Bridge

District Steps to Begin Texas College Bridge

Prepare for Implementation - Setup EdReady

PEIMS reporting for CCMR Credit

TCLAS Information

Reporting Texas College Bridge Completion

Resources for Teachers

Video Tutorials

Intro to Texas College Bridge

Scope & Sequence, Essay and College & Career Supports

Understanding Student Use of Texas College Bridge

Supporting Students using Texas College Bridge

Reporting Texas College Bridge Completion

*Please note that as of right now the 7 videos are not linkable on Vimeo so I can only link to the showcase page

Resources for Students

Video Tutorials: EdReady and Greenlight

EdReady Student Dashboard

EdReady Registration

Greenlight: Sharing Transcript

Resources for Higher Education Partners