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Dallas College Transfer Plan Milestones


Identification of Transfer Options

0-15 Credit Hours
  • Explore Transfer Services to research and select universities aligned with career pathway
  • Assist students in choosing the right University major for transfer
  • Explore available transfer pathways and alignment with current guided pathways
  • Review university catalog for program degree requirements

Develop Transfer Plan

16-30 Credit Hours
  • Research transfer admissions requirements for university and chosen major
  • Explore financial aid and transfer scholarship options
  • Confirm deadlines and requirements
  • Research university campus visits/transfer fair dates

Update Transfer Plan

31-45 Credit Hours
  • Research university deadlines
    • — Transfer admissions
    • — Financial aid/transfer scholarships
    • — Explore application fees, waivers/deposits
  • Visit transfer universities
    • — Tour university in person
    • — Virtual tours
  • Attend university transfer fairs

Complete Transfer Plan

46-60 Credit Hours
  • Finalize university choice
    • — Submit university admissions application, financial aid, transfer scholarship applications and fees/waivers
  • Send copy of final transcript to university
  • Commit to university choice
    • — Complete all requirements for university enrollment
  • Apply for graduation

Use this Dallas College checklist to develop a timeline for completing your personal transfer plan.

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