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Help students prepare for college

Texas College Bridge is a personalized, adaptive learning platform that helps prepare 11th and 12th graders for college. The easy to use, fully online platform guides students through individualized college preparation courses in math and English, at their own pace and with a teacher facilitator to help them meet their goals.

Teacher Facilitator

Texas College Bridge includes customized teacher training and a data-rich dashboard that allows teachers to monitor a student’s progress on each skill, identify areas that need intervention and provide the support students need. Texas College Bridge gives you access to guide students to success, improve retention, and lay a solid foundation for college completion.

NROC/EdReady Training

View our video tutorials for teachers and access other EdReady training resources in the Help Center.

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College & Career Support

College & Career Support

Find advising resources and training materials for district and campus staff, so you have the information you need to successfully advise students.

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Key Resources for Teacher Facilitators

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View the reporting video tutorials to get up-to-speed quickly on EdReady’s capabilities: each video is < 5 minutes!

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Expectations for Teacher Facilitators

NROC/EdReady Platform


Watch the video tutorials for teachers and access other EdReady training resources


Participate in PLC sessions for teachers to share best practices and implementation guidance with peers



Read all emails sent from NROC/EdReady


Student Interactions


Check the NROC/EdReady dashboard daily, monitor progress and follow up with individual students



Contact each student weekly to provide encouragement and interventions: foster a positive coaching relationship



Using your district platform, provide weekly face-to-face/virtual opportunities to meet with students for synchronous instruction, Q&A, and guidance


Student Interactions


Ensure students are aware which colleges accept the Texas College Bridge TSI exemption


Create a platform to communicate with students via announcements and emails


For English course students, provide reminders about the Essay assignment, which is required for completion

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Kenneth Washington

Talitha Summers

From Teachers and Facilitators

“With the dashboard, it allowed us to see how far along the student was, whether or not they were about to meet their goal. We got automatic email once they did reach a goal. Basically, being able to see that information, if I didn’t hear from a student, I could send an email and say 'you’re at 56 percent. Let’s keep moving.' And again, if they were close to meeting that goal, I could send a text and say ‘you’re so close, let’s get there.’ The best part was getting the email to know they reached the goal.”

— April Richmond, Irving ISD, facilitated English